Giving people the confidence and skills to use digital at work

"I'm excited about digital now, rather than sceptical and scared."

Start the conversation

We talk to your colleagues about their experiences, assess confidence and gaps in their knowledge. We identify common needs within your organisation

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Personalised learning

Your colleagues join us for a workshop and each complete a personal diagnostic online. This generates their Action Plan: a series of activities, with examples and support tools which they work through at their own pace

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Help when it's needed

We're at the end of a phone or email, to help your team apply what they're learning and answer any specific questions. We help you monitor the group's progress and evaluate the progress they've made

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Help your colleagues build confidence and skills

Everyone in your team has different levels of confidence and experience in using digital. Whether that's to connect with your audience, deliver campaigns or explain services and products. The Digital Action Plan can help them do more online, and feel more confident.

Meet individual goals

Our online diagnostic and strategy workshops help to identify your organisation's goals and how we can support your staff to build the knowledge and confidence to embrace the opportunities of digital.

Support a team

Our platform helps teams learn together, and makes it easy to see how the group is getting on to ensure everybody makes the progress they need

Meet a few of our team

Tim Lloyd avatar

Tim Lloyd

Tim has led digital teams in public sector organisations, and has a background in journalism, business and customer publishing. He's an active blogger and helped co-facilitate the NHS social media community: #nhssm.

Claire Turner avatar

Claire Turner

Claire's a comms all-rounder: from social media and PR to internal communications and events. She worked for the Environment Agency and regularly trains people new to digital as well as old hands wanting to get more out of it.

Steph Gray avatar

Steph Gray

Steph is a digital engagement specialist: how to apply tools creatively and strategically - whether that's handling a crisis situation, engaging new audiences with a consultation or building a community on your intranet - and he blogs too.

Kate Rawlins avatar

Kate Rawlins

Kate's a former government press officer from Brisbane, and has worked across crisis communication coordination, event management, community and stakeholder relations, media advisory and corporate social media management.