Giving people the confidence and skills to use digital at work

Digital communications

There are so many ways to use digital across communications disciplines that some organisations find it difficult to get started. Or they don’t start at all. Digital becomes a specialism, rather than part of a general set of skills.

The Digital Action Plan helps specialists and all-round communicators alike. We pride ourselves on helping communicators to get started in areas where they lack confidence, or giving experienced digital communicators the space to learn about new ideas and test different approaches.

Guides, tools and case studies are easy to Google, but consolidating them in a personalised and structured learning plan is when they become truly useful to a member of staff. This isn’t about communicators having to fit more tasks into their day, but helping them to understand how digital can integrate with their work to increase impact and efficiency.

The Digital Action Plan programme has featured as part of learning and development plans for:

  • internal communicators
  • digital specialists
  • campaigns and marketing teams
  • events coordinators
  • press office and media teams
  • public affairs groups
  • early talent streams

Contact us to discuss how a structured, personalised approach to learning and development can work for your team.