Giving people the confidence and skills to use digital at work

Customer service teams are building digital skills

Customer expectations have changed.  They expect to compliment, complain and ask questions online.

The result? Online channels cannot simply be about push marketing. Customers demand responses online and no organisation can afford to ignore what’s being said. And that includes positive as well as negative comments.

Customer service teams are best placed to meet this changing demand. Some organisations try to put digital in a separate box, but instead they should be:

  • investing in the digital skills of their customer team
  • making sure a question received online is just as important as a phone call or email

We have helped the customer team at Essex County Council, among other organisations, to make the transition to online customer service. With support from us they have developed their personal confidence online, studied good practice and tested their response skills in our private simulator environment.

Some members of the Essex County Council customer team

A Digital Action Plan will help customer teams:

  • adapt existing processes to incorporate social media monitoring and response
  • identify the most appropriate tools and channels
  • simulate a live online exchange with customers, in a private environment
  • understand the conventions of online engagement
  • examine how organisations from similar sectors approach digital engagement

We’d be happy to share our experiences with you and to demonstrate what works and the common pitfalls.

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