Giving people the confidence and skills to use digital at work


Digital is not a specialism, to be delegated to a team in the corner of the room. It’s a set of essential leadership skills that vary depending on your audience, their needs and the needs of your organisation.

Fear of admitting to what we don’t know is what holds us back from understanding those needs – Tim Lloyd, Digital Action Plan lead

Leadership teams are under continued pressure to live the values of a digital organisation. As well as make important decisions about how to invest money in improving transactions and communications online, they must be practitioners too.

This means using digital tools for themselves, and demonstrating a sound grasp of the language, functions and opportunities of a digital operation. Sometimes senior staff feel held back by perceived inertia in their organisation. Or their colleagues are nervous about catching up on the gaps in their knowledge.

A blended learning approach is key to understanding the needs of individual staff. This begins with individual sessions to build trust and identify the most important gaps. Focussed action learning gives leaders an opportunity to try new things for themselves, within busy schedules.

Some of the plans we have created with leadership teams include:

  • applying Agile principles to new projects
  • adopting social media channels in a professional, attributed capacity
  • reflective blogging to share project evaluation and lessons learned
  • critical analysis of website data
  • key challenges to set for online advertising plans

We have worked with leadership teams in all sectors and with mixed levels of skills and confidence. These have included Government ministers, board-level executives and senior managers in fast-changing organisations. We are able to hold the attention of leadership teams, but also help them to tackle their most important and sometimes granular needs around digital skills.

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