Giving people the confidence and skills to use digital at work

Online crisis response

Crisis response training should go beyond a manual of procedures and phone numbers. The chances are that your customers will be reporting something online, before they, or the media, call you.

Whether a crisis for your organisation constitutes one complaint or a full consumer backlash, preparing your team is essential. We have significant experience in bringing together multiple teams from across large organisations to:

  • review and improve monitoring and assessment of online risks
  • understand their full spectrum of audiences and the places online where the most relevant conversations are happening
  • prioritise and respond to enquiries in the most appropriate way
  • explain information and rebut accusations as clearly as possible
  • develop plans for long-term recovery, including the role of clear web content, advertising and ongoing engagement

We take a blended approach to all our learning, providing participants with a task-based action plan to complete in their own time alongside classroom training. Plans include relevant case studies, templates for devising response plans and guides to help understand the role and nuances of different channels.

A team working on a crisis simulation

Classroom training includes live online simulation using our secure Social Simulator platform. Participants work in teams to plan, respond and resolve hypothetical scenarios, supported by role-played media and customer characters.

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